I wonder how YouTube is able to understand my choices better than my boyfriend, how my internet browser knows what I am planning to buy. Not only this, the same application of Amazon doesn’t have the same home page for all users. Even Zomato knows my taste buds, better than my mom.

Have you ever guessed how McDonalds knows the exact place to set up a store? How do all these organizations know their customer so well? How they are able to predict the actions of their customer ~96% of the time accurately? How they are able to create an exclusive customer experience, every time they come online?

The answer to all these questions is DATA MINING.

What is Data Mining?

Data mining is the process of analyzing data from a large range of sources and collating this information into useful business intelligence. The gathered data is studied to discover interesting patterns, major market trends, anticipate future rich opportunities.

Data mining is a magic wand that does wonders with raw data, all by using a range of mathematics and statistics.

Is Data Mining beneficial to my business?

Now that we understand what is data mining, lets figure out how it is beneficial to the business?

Data mining can boost your business in many ways:

  1. Improve customer service – Customer service isn’t just a department, it is your entire organization. “Customer service is the next competitive battleground, it is where the businesses are won or lost”

    Data mining improves your customer experience by performing deep analysis on your customer data from various sources, be it feedback or a moment of delight.

  2. Innovate – Data mining supports companies to figure out what appeals to their customer and what innovation is needed for their product/service. Customer feedback and expectations play a great role in innovation strategies.

  3. Brand recognition – Data mining collects and processes a great volume of unstructured information (such as comments, posts, tweets, images) shared on social media, which is further used to review your digital presence.
    For instance, it may reveal that McDonalds Happy Meal toys, drive customer engagement, rather than Happy Meals.

  4. Boosting SEO of your website – With digitalization, it is important that you are among the top search results when the customer is looking for any services online. Data mining makes it easier for the business to understand the keywords people are using at specific locations and times.

  5. Market Basket Analysis – This feature enables the organizations to predict their customer behavior and act more swiftly and smartly, by recommending the necessary products to purchase looking at their existing cart.

Significance of Outsourcing the Data Mining services

Extracting important information through the process of data mining has been widely used to make critical business decisions. Top leading organizations are already reaping the benefits but, slow adopters are now catching up with top companies. In the coming decade, we can expect data mining to become as omnipresent as some of the widespread technologies used today.

As businesses are shifting towards digitalization, Data Mining also termed as Knowledge Discovery in Database (KDD) has gained more popularity.

With more and more data exploding every milli second, the need to study and analyze this data as quickly as possible has become a winning aspect in the business world. This can be achieved only when you have the right set of tools, processes, and expertise. Outsourcing such critical tasks to the service providers is the best step to move forward. All you need is to understand your customer and provide the ultimate customer experience.

As quoted by famous mathematician, Shakuntala Devi, “Numbers have life, they are not just symbols on paper”.

Let’s find out the benefits of outsourcing the Data Mining process to experts.

Benefits of Data Mining outsourcing

All business owners are interested in knowing the future, making the right choice, and maintain the surplus of profit coming. But future cannot be predicted, rather a forecast can be done through data analysis. Today, forecasting has become complex as the parameters which need to be studied keeps on increasing.

Outsource of data mining process helps in deriving more reliable and high-quality results to boost your decision making.

  1. Time-Saving – It is rightly said, “Time is money” and so big organizations avoid spending it on tasks that can be outsourced. With the amount of data increasing every minute, it has become crucial for the business to pay a small penny to reap the best ROI.

  2. Proficient and contextual experts – The service providers have contextual masters, who are very skilled in doing a chosen task. The companies offering outsourcing data mining services have professionals whose primary job is to handle complex data mining processes.

  3. Cutting-edge technology – Once you outsource the process, you can leverage the latest technologies without actually buying it. You just pay for the services.

  4. Data Security – A renowned outsourcing firm is an expert in maintaining data safety, so leave all your worries.

  5. Quick turnaround time – Reap the best outcomes in the stipulated timeframe, through contractual obligations. These firms manage their work by using staff from various time zone to achieve their end result.

  6. Cost-effective – Easiest remedy to cut costs is outsourcing. You no longer have to hire, train, retain, upgrade, and continually monitor an in-house staff. A big save on infrastructure and staff salaries.

How outsourcing your business to Oriental Solutions brings in surplus.

Oriental Solutions possesses extensive data mining service experience and has the capability to add value to clients’ operations from a range of varying industry domains.

It delivers a comprehensive range of Research and data mining services. We deliver customizable services that are in alignment with your strategic goals.

Key benefits with Oriental Solutions include but is not limited to;

  • 27*7 outstanding service support availability
  • Faster and secure data conversion services
  • Highly skilled research and analysis specialists
  • Higher accuracy and faster turn-around time
  • High end technology and software tools
  • In-depth B2B, B2C insights
  • Triple layer quality check
  • Smooth transitioning
  • Qualitative service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customized solution


Outsourcing data mining is already proven to be highly beneficial for all scales of businesses. Dedicated effort and assistance can be reserved without adding to the overheads.

Partnering with Oriental Solutions for your Data Mining processes, will save you more than time and money. With the comprehensive data mining knowledge and experience, professionals at Oriental solutions can help you effortlessly process any quantity data to deliver the valuable insights to your organization. Since we are continually refining our business methods, our endless pursuit of perfection will benefit your operational practices.

To know more, contact us or email us @ info@orientalsolutions.com or call at +91 95000 47196